A brightly-coloured inspiring universe.

The Mon Pimentier range has been entirely created by the producers in our group. It throws new light on to Piment d´Espelette, the only spice in French gastronomy bearing an official quality label.

Perpetually striving for excellence, we focus on the different textures and colours and the amazing tastes that Piment d´Espelette offers.

From Piment d´Espelette Jelly to Vinegar Creams, not to mention of course the must-have PDO powder, Mon Pimentier products are brightly-coloured, sophisticated and encourage inventive cooking.

Shop opening hours

A unique experience.

Go into the Black Room, and discover Piment d´Espelette powder during a professional tasting session. Learning and sharing will be the watchwords in this out-of-the-world experience.

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Creative cuisine.

Discover the excellence of Mon Pimentier products when you meet the chefs themselves. Colours, textures and surprising combinations will wake up your tastebuds!

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A unique collaborative project with local Basque Country artists.

In our on-going search for creativity, Mon Pimentier has opened the doors of its shop to Basque artists. We put the spotlight on painting, photography, sculpture and other disciplines in turn.